Favorite Aerobian Posts of 2018

Here is a selection of some of the most visited posts on Aerobian this year. Enjoy!

Take the Leap – Buy an RS Aero

Forget the title. This post is really about why anyone would do something as crazy as being one of the first adopters of ANY brand new class of sailboat… and what the rewards of such a decision could be.



What Would Eric Do?

Eric Twiname wrote the definitive book on how to be your own sailing coach. This post describes several days of practice and racing in August when I sorta kinda followed Eric’s advice… or maybe not.



How to Slowly Sail Faster

Three different ways you might be able to convince yourself that you will see dramatic improvements in your racing results from working on small improvements in your skills. Warning! Some math required!


 Don’t Do Stupid Shit 

It was the first day of the frostbiting season in Bristol, the winds were ferocious and perverse, and we all re-learned the hard way the most important tip for any racing sailor. President Obama summed it up succinctly, “Don’t Do Stupid Shit.”


Annoyingly Quick

My best regatta of the year. It’s not every day that a world day champion describes me as “annoyingly quick.” The trick now is to figure out how I can sail like that EVERY day.



RS Aero in the Olympics?

Some musings on what the advantages might be if your class were selected as an Olympic class… and what some of the unexpected disadvantages would be. Be careful what you wish for!

Thanks to everyone (all three of you) who stopped by this blog this year. It has been a learning experience for me as I had almost forgotten how to do this blogging thing after abandoning my old blog a couple of years ago. If you have any suggestions on how to improve this blog, or what topics you would like me to address in 2019, please do let me know in the comments.

Happy New Year!


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