Should I Buy a Laser or an RS Aero?

In 2012, Nick from Sydney bought a Laser and started a blog about Laser racing on Sydney Harbour.

In 2017, he bought an RS Aero and started to blog about the relative merits of the Laser and the Aero. I am sure I touched on this topic on my old blog, Proper Course, but Nick has covered the subject much more thoroughly than I ever did.

So if you are considering whether to buy a Laser or an RS Aero (or to upgrade from a Laser to an Aero, or perhaps to buy both) do check out the recent posts on Nick’s Blog. Among the issues he addresses are such matters as ….

Downwind Stability

Speed Hum

and Lateral Epicondylitis.


There is even a very sad post on How to Break an RS Aero Mast. (Do not attempt this at home.)




  • I have been sailing my RS Aero for almost 2 years now, it just gets better every time I go out. Best boat ever.

    Come and visit us for the RS Aero Worlds in December 2019. Tillerman, come early and we can do an Aero tour of Sydney Harbour, that could be you in the photo heading for the Harbour Bridge.



  • Hi Nick, Pleased to hear you are still enjoying sailing your RS Aero. It is a superb little boat for sure.

    I am seriously thinking of coming to the RS Aero Worlds in Australia next year. I sailed the Laser Worlds in Terrigal a few years ago and really enjoyed that.

    Thanks for the invitation to do some Aero sailing on Sydney Harbour before heading up to Port Stephens. That sounds like an offer I can’t refuse!

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