RS Aero fleet builder awards

Seriously – why would anyone want to win a picture of me?

It was the last day of the Bristol YC RS Aero frostbiting season. For reasons that escape me now I chose to use the 7 rig and everybody else except one sailed a 9 rig. What is wrong with me?

The winds were light and my results were horrible. But, hey, I was having fun. I was sailing an Aero with my friends in April. What’s not to like?

After racing the results of the day’s racing were read out in the bar and there were big cheers when it was announced that I was last. I never knew I was so “popular.”

Then the overall season results were announced and two special awards were given to Eric and Jim for their magnificent achievement in building the RS Aero fleet. (The Laser sailors are beginning to notice that there are as many Aeros as Lasers some weeks.)

And the fleet builder awards were… plaques with pictures of me on them!

What? Why would anyone want to win a picture of me?

OK. There were some other RS Aero sailors in the picture too. It’s actually one of my favorite photos of RS Aeros in North America – taken at the Gorge in 2015. That’s me in 1516.



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