Should I move to Florida?

Some winters we get a lot of snow in New England.

Some winters we seem to get a blizzard every week.

In years like those it’s good to get away from winter and go sailing in Florida.

This year I went to an RS Aero regatta in Florida in December and another one earlier this month, in Sarasota.

While waiting for wind on the final day of the Sarasota regatta, the sailors from northern climes bounced around ideas about how to maximize the number of days we go sailing in Florida in any given winter.

There were five RS Aero events on the Florida circuit this winter. Maybe there will be more next year? Leaving aside such obvious constraints as the cost of traveling to every event and/or the need to hold down a job to pay for said events, what practical arrangements might make it easier to do all the regattas and also fit in some sailing in between regattas?

Would it make sense to charter an RS Aero in Florida for the whole season (assuming RS Sailing or a dealer would offer that option) instead of paying charter fees for every regatta and then not having the use of the boat between regattas. Could a season -long charter be bundled with a service to move the boats from one regatta to another?

Or would it be a better option to find a way to keep my own RS Aero in Florida all winter? Where would I keep it? How would I transport it to all the different regattas? And of course I would need a second RS Aero if I also wanted to do some frostbiting in New England.

What’s the most practical way to travel to and from Florida? Fly down for every event? Drive down for every event? Put the car with a boat on top on the train that runs from the DC area to Florida?

Of course the easiest solution in some ways (although maybe not the cheapest) would be to do what the “snowbirds” do. Buy a condo in Florida and spend the whole winter there every year.

Should I move to Florida?



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