Let it snow!

I am supposed to be RS Aero sailing in the One Design Midwinters at the Sarasota Sailing Squadron in Florida this weekend.One day clinic and three days of racing.

The weather forecast for Sarasota is predicting light but sailable winds and warm temperatures.

But, back here in Rhode Island, today (Tuesday) it’s snowing. Heavy wet snow is coming down sideways. They say the winds are 30 gusting 50.  They say we will get 12-18 inches of snow in total before it’s over. They say it could be the worst storm of the winter. I hate “they.”

Really bad photo shot through a window a few hours ago. You get the idea.


We are supposed to leave for the airport early tomorrow morning.


if we can get out of our drive…

and if we can get out of our neighborhood…

and if we can get to Boston airport…

and if the flight isn’t cancelled…

I will be sailing in Florida this weekend.


Wish me luck!



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