A new sailing blog? Really?

Yes, Tillerman, former author of Proper Course, has a new blog – Aerobian – with sailing news and nonsense, rants and raves from the perspective of an RS Aero sailor.

Some of you may remember my previous blog. If so, I hope you will enjoy reading this new effort.

Different name. Different look. Different technology. If nothing else, figuring out how to use WordPress and how to make the blog look its best with the theme I am using is going to be an interesting challenge.

When I started Proper Course I owned a Laser and a Sunfish. Now I sail an RS Aero. So, while Aerobian will inevitably have a lot of stuff about RS Aero sailing, it will not be exclusively about the RS Aero. As with the old blog I will probably ramble and rant about any sailing news or issue that takes my fancy… and maybe some other stuff as well.

So, welcome to Aerobian. Please bear with me as I figure out how to drive this thing. As of today it’s still very much a work in progress.



  • Thanks kiwiyates.

    I kind of lost enthusiasm for blogging at the end of 2016, and also had some other stuff going on in my life in early 2017 that prevented me from sailing for a while.

    But I think the break has done me good. As the summer sailing season ramps up in the northern hemisphere I am enthusiastic about sailing my RS Aero more frequently and to be blogging about it

  • Thanks Michael. And good to see you are starting posting on your blog again.

    Everyone interested in RS Aero sailing should check out Michael’s blog at

  • Welcome back, i look forward to your insightful reporting and humerous spin as always
    Tijuana Taxi

    • Hi Andrew – would you believe I was talking to a fellow sailor about you yesterday? I am currently at Minorca Sailing and was chatting to one of the instructors who was working at Lake Garda in 2016. They have two foiling RS Aeros and two Waszps here and she manages the foiling program. I was telling her about meeting you and Peter S. at Malcesine.

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