First RS Aero Regatta in Connecticut

It was a day of many “firsts.” For my 43rd day of RS Aero sailing in 2018, on the last Saturday of July my son and I hit the road to sail in the Red Lobdell Regatta in Stonington, Connecticut...

Bad Blogger

I am a bad blogger. Apologies to my three followers for the long interruption in service. Let's try one more time to get this show on the road. What have I been doing since I last posted?

Let it snow!

I am supposed to be RS Aero sailing in the One Design Midwinters at the Sarasota Sailing Squadron in Florida this weekend.


A new sailing blog? Really? Yes, Tillerman, former author of Proper Course, has a new blog – Aerobian – with sailing news and nonsense, rants and raves from the perspective of an RS Aero sailor. Some of you...

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